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Experience ACT Prep Like Never Before.

Are you tired of generic ACT prep classes that just don’t work? Aiming for a top score, but keep receiving the same generic advice?

My name is Dan, and I started Point One after scoring a perfect 36 on the ACT — yes, a 36 on every section in one sitting.

That year, I got a letter from the CEO of ACT, congratulating me on my accomplishment. Only 0.1% (yes, point one percent) of students got a 36. Much less a perfect 36 like I did.

So why am I telling you this?

If you’ve got even a slight understanding of today’s college admissions scene, you’ll know that top scores equal top schools.

Of course, a top score alone won’t guarantee admission to these schools. But given that the average ACT at schools like Harvard and MIT can reach up to the 34-35 range (top 1%), you’ll bet you want a high enough score to even be considered for admission.

Not interested in the Ivies? At other, less selective schools, top scores will not only essentially make you a shoe-in, but will also earn you massive scholarships. Here’s just one example of what a perfect score gets you from the University of Missouri-Columbia:

  • Full Tuition and Fees
  • $3,500 additional annual stipend
  • $10,940 one-year on-campus housing and dining
  • $2,000 research/study abroad support (one-time award)
  • $1,000 tech enrichment (one-time award)

So yeah, 99th percentile and perfect scores are a pretty big deal.

What You'll Learn?

  • Ace the ACT
  • Learn the top-secret strategies to a 36
  • Challenge yourself with a collection the hardest ACT questions
  • Ivy League, MIT, and Stanford applicants
  • Current 31+ scorers looking to gain an edge
  • Student looking for MAJOR scholarships
  • This course is designed with high-scoring students in mind
  • It is strongly recommended you are scoring 31+ already
  • The HARDEST available ACT questions
  • Weekly tutoring sessions with Dan
  • Videos, lessons, and walkthroughs on how to ace the ACT
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